Depression affects one in six of us. Common symptoms include lack of motivation, difficulties in concentration, pessimism, sleep disturbances, irritability, crying, suicidal thoughts, social withdrawal, changes in appetite and lack of enthusiasm/pleasure. Depression often has knock-on effects in personal and professional relationships.

Symptoms of Depression

If you have depression, you may have a number of different symptoms including:

  • a continuous low mood, which may be worse in the mornings
  • feeling irritable
  • crying a lot
  • a loss of interest in your social life
  • a loss of self-confidence
  • a lack of energy
  • tiredness and poor concentration
  • difficulty in making decisions
  • feeling helpless, worthless or hopeless
  • feeling guilty
  • anxiety
  • trouble sleeping – possibly taking one or two hours to go to sleep or waking up earlier than usual
  • disturbed eating patterns – either loss of appetite or eating too much
  • unexplained or worsening aches and pains
  • thoughts about death and suicide
  • physical slowness


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